One Day Off The Track

Well, it were a merley two, at best three hours, after they let us pass the border – we had one Turkish passport amongst – and before we had to get back to see the movie in the evening.

Man In Coat, Pecs 2011

Despite the fact that we were stupid enough to flee the gorgeous sunny clear fall-weather in Osijek and dived into some nasty looking but well behaving clouds in Pécs, it was still a good decision to got there.

Couple and church, Pecs 2011

The center of Pécs is elegant…

Streets Of Pecs, 2011

The pavements in the center of Pécs are elegant…

Elegant waiter, Pecs 2011

The waiters in the center of Pécs are elegant…

Men In Front Of Murphy's Pub, Pecs 2011

And the people in the center of Pécs are elegant.

Windy place, Pecs 2011

I got the feeling that Pécs would make for a good place to practice some good classic, elegant street photography.

Someone in car, Pecs 2011

OMG, even parking cars in front of fancy cafés are elegant. Seems like many cities have a café called “Koffein” or similar.

Peer planning, Pecs 2011

We were actually five people, riding one tiny car, and I was squeezed in the middle backseat between Ümit and Monika. But I survived, and after I refilled my almost collapsed lungs with oxygen, I tried my best to do some street photography, while they dragged me along to the Cathedral. These people even read info boards – how weird is that? Na, just kidding, because at the end of the day they know more about the place than I do.

Cathedral Details, Pecs 2011

Meanwhile I already noticed that I can be such a philistine towards the culture of the places I visit. Because I am sucker for flair, feeling, groove – everthing emotional and ephemeral, but at the same time I may miss so many interesting factual details, which in turn can also inspire the artistic juices. And till now I didn’t manage to combine my interest for the visual aesthetics with, for example, historical facts.

Cathedral, Pecs 2011

Because when I am there, I am looking and trying to see, and when I am home, I am processing what I have seen, with software and wetware (aka brain).

Claustrophobia, Pecs 2011

While roaming around and waiting for the others to return from the church, there came some nice low angled light to play with. And heck, I think that even this Cathedral gives off the elegant flair that I associate with Pécs.

Trike, Pecs 2011

Another observation that almost literally struck me was the omnipresence of bicycles in the center of Pécs. Which also added to that modern urban flair that I felt to sense – or I was just oversensitive for some arcane reason.

Girl On Place, Pecs 2011

Passers-By, Pecs 2011

Postcard in black and white, Pecs 2011

First we were so sure to be back in Osijek readily for the evening’s film presentation in Urania cinema. As time went by and some logistic problems, we weren’t that sure any longer.

Woman upstairs, Pecs 2011

The waiting at the border for the Turkish passport to be processed was a relaxed one, because we already knew that we would be too late.

Back to pub, Osijek 2011

So, we went directly for a pub near the cinema, for some delicious regional beer (whereas tastes differ wildly in this regard) and met with the usual suspects.

Conversation, Osijek 2011

Robert Smoking, Osijek 2011

Robert was producing rings of smoke, but at 1/4th of a second shutterspeed these turned into some smeared traces of fog.

Some Documentation In Color

I usually don’t shoot color, and when I have a film camera with me, there is no temptation. But with digital there is always that color-button in Lightroom when processing the raw-files, and that fact alone influences the brain at the moment of capture (or shortly before). The next one for example, I wouldn’t even have seen when carrying an analogue camera loaded with bw-film.

Cromogenic evidence, Pecs 2011

This was in Pécs, and I thought it would be one of those tourist’s snapshots, but so what – if you have got a return ticket and a credit card, you are always a tourist (freely based on Karl Markus Gauß).

War Memorial, Osijek 2011This shall remind the viewer at the incident where a Serbian Tank flattened such a Fiat.

As Robert stayed at Hotel Maksimilian with us, we shared our way home. But he insisted to go for another beer at the petrol station and showed me this memorial along the way. I took some photos for him, because he wanted to use them for his master’s thesis. Though it was at night, I hope this helps.
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