Problematic Departure

[Disclaimer: I decided to write this series in English, because there are again a few - or not so few - people who don't speak German, and since I can't write in Croatian, I go for the most suitable common denominator.]
Yes, we are pros. We screw up what one could possibly screw up. Old tires with low pressure, low oil, lack of required equipment for Hungary and Croatia, and last but not least, a Turkish passport!

Profis am Werk

But finally we took off along empty highways…

Raststätte in Ungarn

Umit auf dem Behindertenparkplatz

Pannonische Weiten

Ana kauft 6 Korbe, Tvrdja, Osijek

In Osijek one of first things we did was to go for a coffee and enjoy the then still quite warm sun in tvrdja. Being there with Angelika, we met Ana, the curator from the Slavonian Museum. It seems that Angelika knows half the people in Osijek, and all of them speak either German or English or both. When this street vendor came along, Ana jumped in and bought all of his hand made baskets, one of which we got as a present, and one of high quality. So she gave this man a ticket to meet his wife (Slavonski Brod IIRC).

Nonne und Menge, Osijek. In Croatia (and also in Spain) I always have the feeling that I sould take a photo of a nun. Strange.

Shopping In Osijek

Group Of 4, Osijek

Fahrrad, Osijek

Dynamischer Hund

Jemand, Licht und Schatten

Nothing special so far. Someone sometime asked me what I liked about Osijek. Being already intimidated by a being told a lot of things which are not to like, I mentioned the light, which is often quite nice. I think it is becaue of the smaller buildings and open places which allow for lower angles in the evening (propably in the morning as well, but I won’t find out).

Grell, Osijek

Zwei mal Zwei an der Drava, Osijek

And there is always the Drava promenade, so relaxing, especially if the sun is shining… and love is in the air…

Angelika mit Fahrrad, Osijek

Umit, Monika, Angelika - Osijek

So here we figure out what to do next. There still are 20-someting photos waiting for framing.

…Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

Brennende Mulltonne, Osijek

Next day it was a beautiful morning, and as we were going to the center I saw this burning trash can along the way. I stayed there for about 10 minutes hoping for a better shot, but instead came the police, stopped by and asked me what I was doing. Obviously they thought that I had set the thing on fire to take photos afterwards! But that’s not enough, they wanted my passport, and since I left it at the hotel, they called there to check if I was really staying there. The topic of police harassing photographers is hot these days and was often discussed on sites like or TOP. Honestly I am tired to talk about such things, since I have the strong feeling that most people don’t dig it anyway – sorry. I just think we aren’t heading towards a particularly bright future, regarding democracy and freedom.

Uniform, Osijek

Machines, Osijek

Streifen und Junge, Osijek

Der Kapitalismus verstellt mir die Sonne

Uhh, had to do this. As we were sitting in a nice sunny café afterwards (which I found during a photo stroll), having delicious Franck coffee and some pastry, things got less sunny as the sun was dropping behind an ad-sign from Hypo. But I think it was Ümit who said something like “…look, capitalism is casting its shadow on you…”. Well, right he is.

Umit und ich, Osijek by Monika

This was exactly during the capitalistic eclipse.

Mann im Cafe, Osijek

Strange things were going on here. This man in the foreground got punched in the face about 10 mins after I had taken this photo. We could hear it all over the place, but seeing the perpetrator we didn’t feel obliged to intervene (looked like a pro brawler). But pardon the cynic note, I wondered where our friends the policemen are when the real stuff is happening. Maybe they had to chase some firebug-tourist.

The Witness, Hrvatske republike, Osijek

Hrvatske republike, Osijek

Ich sehe Gorkan kommen

Hinter Gittern, Osijek

OMG, sie wissen, dass ich sie fotografiere

Mann auf Fahrrad, Osijek

Manner mit Hüten, Osijek

Treffe Gorkan in Osijek

The concept of Gorkan slowly evolving…

Monika, Osijek

Taube am verlassenen Markt, Osijek

The market is closed in the afternoon, wich is still charming, just differntly.

Most Drava, Osijek

The people from Osijek are quite proud of their modernist pedestrian-bridge, and indeed it communicates something positive, an openness and invitation.

Most Drava und Radfahrer auf der schmalen Rampe, Oijek

Having said that, they could have made the ramp for bikers a little bit broader. Looks like someone ran out of concretet and didn’t care to get fresh supply, although I fully understand and even sympathize with that mindset.

Most Drava und Kanu, Osijek

And did I mention that the light can be really nice in Osijek?

Classic Concert At The Theater

Later there was the first event, a classical concert at the National Theather, next door to McDonalds, I’m just sayin’. Performed by the Wiener Kammersymphonie.

Wiener Symphoniker, Osijek

Wiener Symphoniker, Osijek

Some Impressions From Another Eye

I know some (many?) people like color better, so here we go…

Sonnenuntergang über Drava, Osijek - Foto von Monika

Sonnenuntergang uber Drava, Osijek - Foto von Monika

Most Drava in Farbe, Osijek - Foto von Monika

Most Drava in Farbe, Osijek - Foto von Monika

Well, this looks like pure vacation, but in the following days there was quite some stress and not so good weather any more, but there are still some photos left, so stay tuned…
Thanks for watching!
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