Vehikel I

Posting the outcome of a print exercise online as compressed digital pictures is, well, kind of paradox. But even though a web image cannot convey the feeling that a print transports, there is more to this exercise than visual and tactile joy of printing and holding and looking at a print. Namely, dealing with pictures that I wanted to deal with anyway, and here is the opportunity.

Furthermore, it makes for gap filling posts, while more important work is being prepared behind the scenes (i.e. on a bombed out desk somewhere in Vienna, hehe).

And last but not least, frequently printing one picture a time is the perfect blueprint for posting one short piece at a time. The secret is shortness; feasibility not only once a quarter, but once every few days – sorry, I am not the ‘daily’ guy, and never will be, variance is a good balance for regularity.

Vehikel I Vehikel I

This was shot in early 2006 near Spitelau. Fortunately I started to shoot raw, since it is not funny to make a decent monochrome print from a jpg. Still, film scans are much nicer, but that’s another topic.

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