Die Bar I

The bar is closed now and I won’t miss it for sure. But the mirror and back lit bottles …

Die Bar I Die Bar I

This was shot on 400 Film (TriX or Apx, not sure) in the lovely Yashica Electro GSN. I think the lens had some magic, especially at night at 1.7. The neg is slightly underexposed (the GSN is auto exposure only), but one stop more would have led to a neg that is hard to scan due to very dense highlights. The weird thing is that – even at web-size – filmscans look much nicer than something from a Canon brick (as the last one – number 4).

I like this photo because of sentimental reasons, and aesthetically because it is nicely framed and moody, that waiter’s hand coming out from bokeh-land and me being behind in the mirror. A lot of layers!

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