Café I

There was a time when I really liked to go there, Rokko Ice Saloon at Kutschkermarkt. However, the seats are orange and ugly now, and the place is less charming on the second glance. Because basically it is a noisy and greyish venue, with air “enhanced” from Gentzgasse and the sun hiding behind nearby church exactly the moment it would get nice in the late summer afternoon. 

Café I Café I

However this was made 2006, again with my beloved Yashica GSN. I only sold it because the focus ring was too stiff or my taste, which always made me feel that I can’t focus quickly (feels like dreaming of trying to run away with skiing boots on).

The photo was quite straightforward to print, I only made some local adjustments with a technique I learned from here. This article completely changed the way I approached printing (for the screen it doesn’t matter). Well, I did local adjustments before in Lightroom, which is a fantastic product, but nothing like the history-brush! I love the definiteness of painting one stroke after the other, without fussing over layers and masks. Since long I felt that saving humongous files with dozens of layers is the wrong way to mastery, and never did that. Still the history brush is the tool to make local adjustments, that teaches you a lot and makes you feel intentional and certain with practice.

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