Park I

After the Vodoo Lounge we need some fresh air, which we find en masse in Pötzleinsdorfer Park.

Park I Park I

One year after the making of last entry’s photo, I carried around a Minolta Himatic 7 or so. As mentioned I sold the Yashica GSN due to a stiff focus ring, but I loved the lens and found the Himatic, which seems to share the lens with the GSN.
Usually I am not into landscapes, but sometimes it happens. I think this was a very good exposure giving a nice scan with long midtones and friendly shadows and highlights. With such a starting point, one can choose between a lot of options for the midtones: a little darker, lighter, more or less contrast here and there… Alas, when moving the sliders back and forth over and over again there comes the point where I stop having any opinion; everything looks good or bad at the same time. Then it is time for a break: reset and rewind.

Hence, when there is the need to make a super print, it is sometimes necessary to print one version, then look at it for several days and then decide what to do next. Clue it to the cupboard or to the kitchen drawer. And really look!

But within this exercise, just make your best efforts for some 20 minutes, print and move on. Here is the magic, where the learning starts. And nothing better for it than the history brush. I decided for some pop in the foreground, darker corners (which I almost always like, but no too much, no faux-Holga), and darkness with still some detail right to the tree. Someday in the future I will revisit this one. 

On a side note, if you don’t see what I descibe, like “with still some detail right to the tree”, your screen is off. I notice exactly this here on my puny notebook screen. But that’s a whole different topic.

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