Cafe II

Myself in a window – through a window, with Monika, coffee and tee, outside Café Stein (for those who know it). Speaking of windows, and shooting cameras with window-finders (if you’re asking yourself “wft is a window-finder?”, don’t worry, an explanation is coming within the next few years, or google if you don’t mind to meet some freaking freaks that endlessly freak out about things that are, uhm, of less importance to normal people – but then you probably wouldn’t read this; or look here if you really want to know): actually I am planning an essay about the benefits, or the historical necessity to be more honest, of using window finders for real photography. This will be more philosophical and aesthetically oriented than about technique. 

Café II Café II

However, what can I say about this print? Mostly it was straightforward, except for two areas: the middle between me an Monika (i.e. the table), which I wanted to stand out a little more from it’s surroundings than it originally did; and the tonal relation between the inner frame that contains the sharp mirror image of myself and the facade right to it. These should be separated enough to generate some depth, but not too much. Looking at it now, I think that the inner frame could be a tad too bright, and the blurry foreground image of myself a little too dark. Time will tell…

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