Der fliegende Baron

Flying Baron

One of the nice things about the frequent print exercise is that it servers as an opportunity to print what we might call record shots (I think Mike Johnston coined the term, and it suits better then “social snap”).

When my friend Johannes still lived in the 16th district in Vienna, we sometimes went near Schloss Wilheminenberg so that his then newly adopted dog Baron could run around. This is not a dog zone, rather just wide meadows where dogs are allowed to run. And we were allowed to walk, too. I don’t know about children though.

Der fliegende Baron Der fliegende Baron

I think this was shot with the lovely Canonet 17 QLIII (with a gorgeous 40 1.7 lens, and the QL stands for quick loading – *nod toward Leica*, silky smooth shutter action, silent due to in-lens leaf shutter), which I still have sitting in a cupboard behind glass. APX100, zone focused at f8, 1/125 s with slight panning.

The scan was nice and easy, the print needed just more contrast than I first thought, so I printed it twice. Nothing special here, well, maybe except to mention that film (especially low speed) can handle those leaf-painted highlights very competently.

Baron is still running, even better outside Vienna in his own garden.

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