Heavy Industry


A musical Excursion

Recently I was listening to Buddha Bar Volume what-the-heck-I-don’t-know-nor-care and the tune of one song struck me as being very familiar. I recognized immediately that it was used a long time ago in the tv ad of an Austrian tire manufacturer. But no way did I know the name of the original, nor in which context it existed. Here is the Buddha Bar Version (String Thing):

So I did some google search and actually found a thread about that exact topic. Well, obviously everything has been said an done. However, turned out that the original is from John Fiddy and Sammy Burdson, called Heavy Industry from the record Industrial Themes and Underscore Vol. 1 released in 1980.

You probably know how things can go over board when doing web searches, especially roaming around youtube. Next I found a compilation on mixcloud by user priceofapint which also features this song, and various others by Sammy Burdson. I like it.


Suite Music Volume 1 by Priceofapint on Mixcloud


And finally I came across the fm4 website (Austrian radio station, the “cool” one, hehe) which also featured some user discussion about a other-worldly-cool-to-die-for piece where the basic tune also seemed to descend from Heavy Industry. Wow, gotta check that out immediately, and was positively surprised. It is a modern remix, critically paraphrasing the meanwhile well known mantras of the Western industrial (sic!) capitalistic mindset of everything-can-be-done, higher, better, faster and harder, under which the original song was being thought out. Don’t get me wrong, I love the original and a lot of the music in that style, but not without being critical towards the cultural context of it’s genesis. I can say the same about Captain Kirk and Mr Spock.  

I hope you can share a little of the joy I had when researching all this.