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Snjezana's Wedding

Nice to be in Osijek again Last year (yikes!), Snježana invited us to her wedding with Bruno in Vinkovci on 28th of September. That meant, of course, to go to Osijek first, and then further. I was shocked to find out, that the train that I used to take several times before was permanently cancelled… [---]

Amir in seinem Element im Miris Dunja - Zagreb 2010

Altes Silber neu poliert Schnee von gestern, das sind die Silberkörner der Negative, die seit fast zwei Jahren in einer Mappe hinter meinem Schreibtisch auf das Licht der Gegenwart warten. Sie zeigen Menschen und Geschichten, die jene wunderbare Zeit, die ich damals in Kroatien verbracht habe, erst so wunderbar gemacht haben. Nicht alle von ihnen [---]

Park I

Park I After the Vodoo Lounge we need some fresh air, which we find en masse in Pötzleinsdorfer Park. One year after the making of last entry’s photo, I carried around a Minolta Himatic 7 or so. As mentioned I sold the Yashica GSN due to a stiff focus ring, but I loved the lens [---]

The Bar II

Die Bar II Vodoo is still with us as of 2013. The Yashica GSN which signs responsible for this one is long gone, but sometimes I do miss her. 45 1.7, mmh. This was also quite easy to get “right”. The quotes are there because what is right can be quite subjective within a certain [---]

Café I

Café I There was a time when I really liked to go there, Rokko Ice Saloon at Kutschkermarkt. However, the seats are orange and ugly now, and the place is less charming on the second glance. Because basically it is a noisy and greyish venue, with air “enhanced” from Gentzgasse and the sun hiding behind [---]

Die Bar I

Die Bar I The bar is closed now and I won’t miss it for sure. But the mirror and back lit bottles … This was shot on 400 Film (TriX or Apx, not sure) in the lovely Yashica Electro GSN. I think the lens had some magic, especially at night at 1.7. The neg is slightly [---]

Das gute Leben

Das gute Leben This is a photo from a wedding that ticked some box inside my head. I wanted to see it on paper and decided that it would be perfect for the frequent print exercise: not part of a series; no special meaning; just liked by me; For printing, this photo is a tough [---]

A Little Alliteration A new week began with a dull monday, after seven days hammered themselves through our eyes, ears and brains with strong intensity. We left Maksimilian’s kitchen cabinet empty of chamomile (kamilica), we left Osijek with mixed feelings and Osijek saw us off with ice-cold rain and wind. It was just the perfect [---]

Catch-Pop String-Strong In Urania Cinema How often does an announcement start with the words “last but not least”, and one never knows how sincere the inention of the speaker is? So I have to express my enthusiasm much more strongly. The duo Catch-Pop String-Strong is simply awesome, and these two mundane Ladies brought every bit [---]

Two And A Half Days Concisely In the first entry about this week in Osijek I got the feeling that I am reporting a sunny shiny relaxing vacation. And partly that hits the point, but there were occasions where we literally vanished from the scene to prepare my photos for display. Thanks to everyone who [---]