Reading “Konfrontationen, Gedichte 2005 – 2008″

After a long night it was a bit hard to push the tired eye behind the viewfinder again at high noon. But fortunately the reading of Maria Seisenbacher and Hermann Niklas from their newest release “Konfrontationen, Gedichte 2005 – 2008″ was quite relaxing compared to the events from last night, which doesn’t mean it was not up there with the others or less visited – just different in the best sense of the word. And keep in mind that I comment from my very personal and highly subjective point of view. By relaxing I mean that I as the photographer could sit in the first row and shoot subjects reading poems, which means they were not moving nor doing any other abrupt gestures. Actually I love such assignments, where I can watch the scene safely from my seat and just wait for the expression I am after, camera supported by left arm braced against left thigh. You get the point…

The downside of taking pictures is that I don’t really notice that much from what’s going on. Only right at the end I got the groove slowly, and started to feel the pace of the poems and what they might be about. Which in turn doesn’t say anything about them, just about me and my mental condition. But, there was the opportunity to buy a copy after the reading, which Monika and I gladly grabbed. Which reminds me to add that this book itself is not only a carrier of literature but a visual and haptic artwork by itself, a tangible experience of beautifully arranged tidbits of poems plus graphics (which are made by Maria aka. Goto in this context). Worth buying, watching, holding and … what was it, ah … reading!

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